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"Artie is by far the best trainer I have ever used. I would consider myself high maintenance when it comes to my workouts and finding an excellent personal trainer. I have been with Artie for a year now and have recommended friends and family and they are all addicted"!   --Leagh R. 

I Love The Strongroom! I've been training with Artie for over 3 years. I always thought I was fit and strong, but training with Artie took me to a new understanding of how strong I could be. Artie's unique style means I can expect new challenges regularly. I'am amazed at the increase in my core strength and stability that allows me to meet Artie's crazy exercises head on. Artie has created a gym environment where I want to go - it's more than a workout. It's such a great space and I feel comfortable there. If you want to be the best version of yourself, I suggest you get to The Strongroom!   - Molly R. 

 At a time where many gyms are migrating towards Crossfit  ; Artie is light years ahead of them constantly improving on his techniques and training methodology. If you're looking for results and a good workout this is the place to be!   -- Dharmesh B.

"I have worked out twice weekly at Strongroom Philly for just over 2 months now and already I no longer have insomnia, my body fat percentage has dropped almost 20%, and best of all, my clothes fit MUCH better! Thanks Artie for all your help getting my health and weight loss back on track!!!" - Buck Ratledge, CPA

          "I've been training with Artie for over 2 years, and have seen amazing results. Beyond the superficial benefits (I've lost nearly 10lbs, and dropped 2 dress sizes), my activity-induced asthma is virtually non-existant now, I'm able to easily carry my 48lb son up the stairs to bed when he falls asleep in the car, and my endurance has improved significantly. I went from being unable to hold a plank for ten seconds to being able to knock out ten push-ups like its my job, and from barely being able to run a block to catch my train, to running half-marathons. Our workouts are never the same and always fun (even when I have to do burpees), and Artie takes my running into account so I'm never too sore on race day. I never thought I'd look forward to going to the gym and working out, but my Mondays and Thursdays with Artie are the highlights of my week, because I know no matter how hard the rest of my day is going to be, its not harder than pull-ups and deadlifts! I love the example I'm setting for my son - that fitness is fun and mommies can be strong too."- Nikki B.